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Cash Prizes – £175 Up for Grabs!

Tickets Limited to 10 per customer

How to play:

1: Pick Tickets
2: Answer Question
3: Add to Cart

All players MUST be over the age of 18 and MUST reside within the UK.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for how to enter via free postal entry

About this Prize

1st Ball – £50 Cash

2nd Ball – £40 Cash

3rd Ball – £30 Cash

4th Ball – £20 Cash

5th Ball – £10 Cash

6th Ball – £5 Website Credit

7th Ball – £5 Website Credit

8th Ball – £5 Website Credit

9th Ball – £5 Website Credit

10th Ball – £5 Website Credit

Important Note

*If all tickets fail to sell-out by the time the draw countdown reaches zero, a seven day extension will be added to the draw. If all tickets fail to sell-out during the extension, the competition will be extended a further 3 more times totalling 4 extentions total; but not exceeding 30 days. If by the final extension all tickets have not been sold, an alternative cash prize valued up to 70% of the total ticket sales for that prize will be awarded to the winner instead of the prize itself.